Translating to ISQC-1

Posted on 29-07-2013

BB3 is taking advantage of the quiet summer months to implement the ISQC-1 standard. Auditors around the world are currently working towards meeting the requirements of this quality standard.

The Institute of Company Auditors (Het Instituut voor Bedrijfsrevisoren) designed the ISQC-1 standard in accordance with the standards and guidance set out by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board. BB3 is currently working on implementing this international standard.

The ISQC-1 standard is a quality control auditing system which imposes certain requirements on a firm’s management, as well as setting relevant ethical requirements and establishing ways of dealing with contracts and client relationships, etc. These requirements change when legislations changes. Specifically, these change company policy and procedures. BB3 is actively doing the necessary work, even in the area of checklists for recruiting personnel.