Transaction services

An acquisition on the horizon? BB3 will guide you. In the valuation and the financial plan, but also with matters of due diligence, familial succession and management buy-outs.

Guidance in acquisitions

An acquisition means a radical change for an organisation. It is accompanied by opportunities as well as risks: of a financial, fiscal, legal, operational and administrative nature. BB3 clearly identifies both the opportunities and the risks.


The valuation of a company is essential in the case of an acquisition or a merger. BB3 conducts company valuations for various ends such as restructuring, acquisitions, disinvestments and buy-outs.

Financial plan

BB3 analyses your operational situation. Based on this, we elaborate a financial structure. Which we place in a financial plan. Optimally, and tailored to your needs.

Due diligence

Due diligence, a standard approach? Not at BB3. We always take into account the uniqueness of your organisation. And never lose sight of your strategic and financial objectives. We accurately report our findings. So the right decision is within your reach.

Familial succession

7 out of 10 Belgian companies are family businesses. In the case of a familial succession, BB3 acts as a neutral third party. Our aim: to add value for all concerned.

Management buy-outs

A management buy-out requires a strategic and objective specialist who has mastered all aspects of the transaction process. BB3 goes a step further: long-term value creation.